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IDEAAL Engineering and Construction focuses mainly on a large range of construction, repair and maintenance work and with the manufacturing of machines for agriculture and horticulture.

Since 2019, the management of the company has consisted of:
Mr. P.P.M.G. Maes and Mr. K.P.J.M. Lemmen.

The purchase/sales is taken care of by:
Mr. P.P.M.G. Maes:

Mr. K.P.J.M. Lemmen:;


A team of skilled construction fitters, machine builders and control engineers is ready to help you.


The story of IDEAAL Engineering and Construction starts 1932 in the North Limburg town of Horst as a local village smith. Over the years, the family business grew into a full-fledged machine building and construction company that designs and produces unique machines for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. IDEAAL also performs various maintenance and repair work for means of transportation and agricultural and horticultural machines. One can also go to IDEAAL for construction and/or welding work.