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Pot spacing machine diesel

IDEAAL has a unique top platform for picking up and separating round plastic plant pots. Especially for outdoor cultivation on container fields, this platform is also available on a rolling chassis with a combustion engine under the name IDEAAL SHERPA. This machine has taken into account a considerable weight saving, which makes it suitable for driving over container fields without damaging them.

A number of platforms are available. These platforms with ten or twelve chain channels are suitable for a wide variety of pot sizes and pot qualities. The chain channels are infinitely adjustable to the correct width. This allows you to precisely set the pressure on the side of the pot to the correct pressure point at which the pot will clamp best, regardless of the hardness and quality of the plastic. The pot diameters that can be processed with the machine vary from 9 to 23 cm.

You can use this plateau to mutually separate the plastic plant pots both in terms of length and width. Separating them can be done in both a pattern of straight lines and in a mitre pattern.


  • Labour saving
  • Time saving
  • Any desired plant distance
  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Greater operating convenience
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Low weight