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Pot spacing machine electric

IDEAAL now also has a unique upper plateau for picking up and separating round plastic plant (flower) pots. The plateau fits onto the moving part of the standard IDEAAL machine. This plateau with twelve chain channels is suitable for a wide variety of pot sizes and pot qualities.

The infinitely variable adjustment of the trays from 10.5 to 16 cm is controlled via a star knob on the rear of every channel. This allows you to precisely set the pressure on the side of the pot to the right pressure point at which the pot clamps best, regardless of the hardness and quality of the plastic.

You can use this plateau to mutually separate the plastic plant pots both in terms of length and width. Separating them can be done in both a pattern of straight lines and in a mitre pattern. So if you use one or more IDEAAL block separation combi systems with separation and collection plateau, you can use this new plateau as a third exchange plateau.


  • Labour saving
  • Time saving
  • Any desired plant distance
  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Greater operating convenience
  • Electric