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Block Spacing Machine

The Block spacing machine from IDEAAL relieves the labour-intensive work involved in growing young vegetable plants such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. The machine also contributes to improved quality and quantity during this growing process.

The Block spacing machine is suitable for loading the blocks from a line and for transporting and separating rock wool blocks on concrete floors. Due to the scissor movement in the upper plateau, the width distance between two rock wool blocks can vary from 0 cm to up to 15 cm. The maximum spread width of the entire upper plateau is 3.00 m! The intermediate distances between the rock wool blocks in the longitudinal direction can be freely adjusted from 0 cm to any desired distance.

The system can position the blocks next to each other in one straight line. The plateau also has a so-called staggered system. This can be used to place the rock wool blocks onto the floor in a staggered pattern.


  • Labour saving
  • Time saving
  • Any desired plant distance
  • Great accuracy
  • Pulsating shutdown
  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Greater operating convenience